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Terms & Conditions
  1. The HOSTEL/PG will maintain cleanliness, tidiness, and proper decorum at all times to ensure a comfortable stay for guests.
  2. All information provided during registration should accurately represent the services and accommodations provided by the hostel.
  3. Guests are entitled to a room that aligns with the details provided during the booking process, including cleanliness and access.
  4. The booked amount constitutes the full and final payment; no extra or hidden charges will be applied without prior consent.
  5. Payments for reservations must be made online; no offline payments will be accepted or processed.
  6. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, or drug use by any staff members within the HOSTEL/PG premises is strictly prohibited.
  7. Guests are expected to maintain respectful behavior towards staff and other guests. The HOSTEL/PG will provide courteous service without engaging in disputes or arguments with guests.
  8. Guests are responsible for any damages caused to the HOSTEL/PG property during their stay. The HOSTEL/PG reserves the right to charge for damages and impose penalties accordingly. Guests should inform of any incidents via email.
  9. The HOSTEL/PG retains the right to modify these terms and conditions. Any changes will be communicated to guests to ensure awareness and compliance.